Important dates:


For accepted participants:


15 October 2019        Deadline if you need visa support

10 December 2019    Deadline if you do not need visa support

15 December 2019    Confirmation & Fee payment deadline

6 January 2020           Provide the copy of your return air tickets for taxi service


14 January 2020       Arrival to Moscow. Airport pick up available only on 14 January!

15 - 20 January 2020  PGLF-Russia

21 January 2020         Departure from Moscow.

                                    Transfer to the airport available only on 21 January!



Questions & Answers:


How can I found out if I need russian visa or not?

Citizens of the following countries enjoy visa-free regime hence do not require a visa to enter the Russian Federation. Please check if your country is on the list.


How can I be sure that I can apply to attend PGLS?

We have a few criteria for all our applicants: 

  • 18 - 40 years old

  • Have valid passport to apply for Russian visa (valid at least 6 months after the end of the Summit)

  • Upper-intermediate level of English

Applicants whose Application form does not meet these 3 criteria will not be selected.


When I will receive PGLS decision regarding my Application?

PGLS team will contact you in 15 days after your Application will be received. You will get the decision and in case your participation will be approved, the Letter of confirmation will be attached. You CAN NOT use the Letter of Confirmation as a Visa invitation letter! But you can apply for additional financial support at your University, workplace or other international organizations.


Do you provide the list of organizations where I can apply for additional financial support?

No, PGLS do not provide such list, you will need to find them yourself.


How can I pay the PGLS fee?

You can pay it online after you will receive the Letter of Confirmation that your application was approved. You also can request an invoice if some other organization covers the fee on your behalf. Please send a request for the invoice at pglfrussia@gmail.com.


When do I need to confirm my participation?

You need to confirm or decline your participation at PGLS2020 and send us the confirmation of the fee transfer by 15 December 2019


When do I need to make a payment?

You will be asked to transfer the fee not later than in 10 days after signing the Agreement but not later than 15 December 2019.


What is included in visa support?

After we will get your fee transfer confirmation Official electronic invitation letter for a Russian visa will be provided by e-mail. Participants will not need to have a hard copy to apply for a visa, scan copy will be enough in all countries.


What airport should I fly into?
The closest airport is Vnukovo Airport, which is about 20 minutes from the campus. Sheremetyevo Airport is about 30 – 45 minutes from the RANEPA campus, while Domodedovo is about an hour away. You can, therefore, choose the airport based on your flight preferences.

How much does a taxi from the airport to the campus cost?
Transportation from the airport to RANEPA campus when you arrive and from RANEPA campus to the airport when you depart are covered by PGLS. Should you choose to depart from a location other than the campus or during other dates (not 14 and 21 January), you will need to cover the cost of the taxi yourself. The average taxi fare to the airport is about $25 (1500 rubles) and up to $45 (2500 rubles during the night time).

What is the address of the RANEPA campus?
The RANEPA campus is located at Prospect Vernadskogo, 82/2, (Проспект Вернадского, дом 82, корпус 2). The nearest metro station is called Yugo-Zapadnaya (the red line), and it about 7 minutes away from the campus.

When should I arrive and depart (and book flights, if necessary)?
The official PGLS program starts on January 15, 2020, which means you are expected to arrive no January 14, 2020. The last scheduled PGLS events conclude by the night of January 20, 2020. You are expected to depart for the airport by 21 PM on  January 21, 2020.

Where will I be staying?
Your PGLS fees include your accommodation in our campus hotel from January 14 until 12 PM  on January 21. The Hotel do not offer additional days. 
The rooms in the campus hotel are for 2 people. You will be placed in a double room with another PGLS participant of the same gender. Should you wish to live outside of campus, please contact us at pglfrussia@gmail.com for clarification and other important details.

What does a room look like?
A double room has 2 single beds, 1 bedside table, 1 shared wardrobe, 1 big or 2 small desks, a fridge, a phone to call reception, towels, shower, and toilet.
The list of things you are advised to bring will be sent to selected participants prior to their arrival to Moscow.

Is there an air conditioner in the hotel rooms and academic buildings?
Please keep in mind that there is an air conditioner in the hotel but there will not be any at the academic buildings, but we have central heat everywhere. It will not be cold inside any buildings.

Where can I learn more about Moscow?
Please check the Moscow visitors’ website at http://en.travel2moscow.com//. You will be able to check the weather, read sightseeing tips, learn more about the city’s history, the restaurant scene, and other entertainment.

How much does PGLF-Russia cost?
The total price for PGLF-Russia is 900 USD. The fee includes welcome and final dinners, accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch, tutorial materials, cultural program, tuition and transportation to and from the airport. If you do not need accommodation on campus, the tuition will be 650 USD.

Are there scholarships available?
This year we do not provide any scholarships for PGLS tuition fee, but best presenters will be offered 100 - 20% tuition waivers for RANEPA English-taught degree programs!


Will I have WiFi access during the Forum?
Yes, all the PGLS participants will have free WiFi access for the duration of the summit in all the campus buildings.


If I have some disabilities, can I attend PGLF-Russia?

Yes, you can. But given the host University’s layout, they may require that the student have a personal assistant during their stay at the Campus Hotel with them to secure their safety. PGLF Russia does not have the capacity to provide personal assistance. 


Will I receive a certificate upon the completion of the program?
Yes, each participant will receive a certificate of participation upon successful completion of the program. The certificate can be used for any other PGLF applications in the future, as well as in the application for RANEPA and MSSES programs at the Russian Presidential Academy. Each PGLS participant is eligible to apply for special scholarships for the English-taught master's programs within the Academy.

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