This year guests from 34 countries including Great Britain, Serbia, Spain, Romania, Brazil and others are participating in PGLS.

The educational program of the summit has a layered structure. Participants receive both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This year the main speakers invited to the summit are Oxford Professor Branden Thornhill-Miller and Princeton Professor Grigore Pop-Eleches. Part of the classes conducted by Sam Potolicchio (the head of the project) are completely interactive: for example, there are question and answer sessions, interview workshops and public speeches. 

Branden Thornhill-Miller, a professor at Oxford and the Sorbonne, told summit participants about why leaders need a psychology: “Without a precise understanding of who you are in any case, you will be unable to manage others. Knowledge of psychology helps you determine your weak and strong points, and this is the first step towards leadership,” the professor said.

Princeton Professor Grigore Pop-Eleches dedicated his classes to the main components of political analysis. At the very start of the conversation, he suggested that the participants themselves determine these components and gave only one hint: they all start with the Latin letter “i”. After all the attendees made their suggestions, final list was determined by their combined efforts: these are issues, institutions, interests, information. Also during the class, the expert developed methods which may be used for the creation of effective policy.