Check out what these young leaders had to say about their PGLS experience.

Rabia Bhatti - United Kingdom

UK’s youngest ever muslim female politician, in 2011 became the youngest Muslim female councillor in Britain
“Both the delivery and content of the course was of an exceptional standard with the highest-calibre of speakers and lectures delivered over the duration of the week. I would highly recommend PGLS to anyone interested in becoming a leader in their chosen field or entering politics.”

David J Townsend – Australia

President, Oxford University Student Union (2012-2013), PhD student, University of Oxford

“The PGLS programme is a great combination of communication training and insights into psychology and international development. Sam Potolicchio is a dynamo of leadership himself, and his lectures on public communication are enthralling, interactive and innovative. What I really appreciated was that underneath this was a genuine concern to educate the young leaders of the 21st Century, and his vision of communication isn’t about learning ‘tricks’ to get people to follow you, it’s about learning how to bring people closer together and how to help us all move forward together in society. I had a great time at PGLS – such a wide range of countries and careers were represented amongst the participants! Moscow was the perfect setting for us to get to know each other!”

Dr. Oliver Squires – Australia

One Young World; Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN)

“The best global leadership program I have ever attended. As a scientist, effective and meaningful communication is vital in my profession. Preparing Global Leaders Summit provided me the skills, knowledge and most importantly, confidence to stand out, focus and excel towards my career goals and aspirations. Thank you PGLS!”

Serafin Lion Engel - Germany
Co-Founder & CEO, Shoutbox GmbH; Co-Founder & Chairman, R7 Investment Association

“Being part of PGLS was definitely a transformational experience. It offers an immensely broad array of learning fields, taught by an all-star line-up of professors, but what I believe to be truly unique about this summit is that it is an event for everyone. No matter what you study, no matter where you come from, and no matter what your religious, political, or ideological preconceptions are, you will be welcomed to the community and you will be challenged to learn not only about politics, and leadership, but about life. I myself am a business student, and looking back to the summit I can state with certainty that it was a key event in my education career.”

Dylan Kaplan – United States

Founder, Polis Voting Systems

“PGLS is a 10 out of 10! Doctor Potolicchio’s leadership classes were phenomenal and my public speaking skills dramatically improved. The participants were smart, ambitious, came from across the world, and are some of my best friends today. PGLS was a life changing experience! If you are lucky enough to be accepted, go to PGLS!!”

Frank van de Wolde – Netherlands

Rotterdam School of Management

“The PGLS experience is a special one. Its uniqueness however does not only stem from its interesting academic foundation, the thorough workshops, or its rich Muscovite cultural programme, but rather from the interaction of such a talented, diverse crowd in a dynamic setting. It inspires and evokes thought. It stimulates thorough understanding, compassion, and cooperation.”

Layane El Hor - Lebanon
Fulbright Scholar – Yale University; MA Candidate, International and Development Economics

“Leadership today is very different from what it used to be years ago. It’s more than ever about young people, instantaneous public exposure, inter-disciplinary knowledge, and cross-border connections. It is very rare, however, for an aspiring leader to find these at one place. I gained lifelong friends that share a will for change, a global vision, and the required skills to advance it!”

Chndy Rogel – Philippines

Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance

“Attending the Preparing Global Leaders Summit in Moscow was one of my most memorable trips. The spirit of free sharing allowed us to open up and share our personal stories, uncovering diverse complexity facing all of us in the current world setting. I enjoyed my stay in Moscow because of the impressive and unbelievably friendly professors and great people I met and now call friends. PGLS was an amazing opportunity for networking. The Russian culture, previously unknown and mysterious, inspired me to learn the language. PGLS allowed me to combine my two passions: learning and travelling.”

Zola Valashiya – South Africa

Mandela Rhodes Scholar (2015) and Founding Director Debate.Afrika

“It is difficult to find an education that puts an equal emphasis on leadership development skills as it does on theoretical knowledge. Traditional pedagogy is no longer adequate as the sole-fountain of scholarship and praxis. The PGLF has created a unique environment that bolsters intellectual dexterity and at the same time facilitates causal cross-cultural interactions.”